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About Contagion, the music

From quarantine life,
something painful this way comes,
a new, pandemic inspired, life soundtrack…

Contagion is a moment, an interruption, signifying an expression of feelings and music that the Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic and quarantine brought to light. It’s a contemporary classical life track, serving as a soundtrack to the contagion, to its spread, to its mystery, its attack on the body, to our losses during the Covid-19 pandemic and to our future beyond them. As the virus flooded every news outlet, Contagion became an interruption, a mysterious invader, taking over everything, needing to be expressed. It’s a “lifetrack” or “life soundtrack” with its contemporary classical orchestral sounds expressing the feelings and experiences of those first few months of dread and quarantine, through which many of us felt the fear of it all and the actual loss of loved ones.

Original Album Release date: May 14th, 2020

Genre: Contemporary Classical / Life Soundtrack

• The album length is 9 minutes and 33 seconds

About the Score

This version of the score includes ALL 5 songs in the album and the instrument selection varies in accordance with the specific composition of each of the songs. The instruments used are: Horn Section, Soprano Trumpet, Bass Drum, Piano, Harp, Tuba, Wine Glasses, Cabasa, Triangle, Violins I, Violins II, Horn, Trumpet, Trombone, Timpani, Crash Cymbals, Cello Section, Trumpet Section, Gong, Cello Solo.

I can imagine the songs can work adapted in a number of ways by different groups or a very advanced group of students. It'll be fun to hear how others interpret them.

Music included

In the package, I've included the full album's music score with each of the individual songs and their parts and the original published songs as HQ MP3 (320 kbps), so players can get a feel for my intentions when composing each one. (You can listen to them free at or on your favorite streaming service - links below).

Track list

  1. Contagion (2:15)

  2. The Spread (2:24)

  3. Patient Zero (1:26)

  4. Infected (1:26)

  5. Death Is Not the End (2:02)

Composer: Franco Esteve

Instruments: Violins, Cellos, Trumpets, Horns, Trombone, Tuba, Piano, Harp, Bass Drum, Crash Cymbals, Timpani, Gong

Format: Scores & Set of Parts in PDF

Genres: Contemporary Classical, Modern Classical, Classical Crossover, Movies, TV, 21st Century

Level: Advanced

The Package includes

1. PDF with the Score

  • The full score for each of the 5 songs in the album.

  • All the individual parts for each song as written.

2. All 5 songs in MP3 HQ (320 kbps) format plus a Bonus Cello Only Version of Death is Not the End.

3. Contagion album - CD Cover image.

  1. Contagion album CD Booklet

Please Note: You are only licensed to use this product as an individual purchasing the product. You are not allowed to distribute the files to others or print individual copies of the PDF for others to use.

Find out more about this album on Contagion's page on my website here

Thank you for your interest in my music. I hope y’all enjoy playing it as much as I did composing it.

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Thank you again and enjoy! :)

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Sheet music for all five songs plus the original CD Booklet & songs in MP3

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Contagion Full Album Sheet Music

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