Consequence: The Doll Chronicles (Original Soundtrack)

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Consequence: The Doll Chronicles (Original Soundtrack) is the original music soundtrack album recording for the award-winning, silent, short film, . This score received an Award of Merit for Original Score from the in November 2014.

The process for creating the music for my silent films is one of exploration, which is why I’m so drawn to that process. While creating this particular score, I found myself exploring different styles and genres, settling for a cheesier, canned style for The Pick Up, and creating and performing a heavier, rock style for You’re Mine Now. Though the film starts with Dark Theater, which is the series theme, The Road to Darkness is the true theme and what I envisioned as the tone of the film, which is why I used it in the trailer. It was composed as an ongoing loop, but it was only used as a singular piece (try it as a loop and you’ll understand).

As with the Paranoia, The Doll Chronicles soundtrack, I’ve included the Complete Film Audio so that you can experience it as the full film piece it was conceived to be. I’ve also included iBoogie as a bonus track. Previously released as a single, it was actually originally written for this particular film and is played in an improvisational style that fit the original idea, but in the end didn’t quite work in the final cut. Enjoy! :)

The preview pane above includes embeds for both the trailer and the short film, so you can listen to the full album by watching the film, or you can read more information about the album and listen to the songs individually (or watch the film) on the Franco Esteve website here:

Genre: Soundtrack

Track list

01 - Dark Theater (The Doll Chronicles Theme) - 0:36

02 - The Pick Up - 1:37

03 - Love Story - 1:33

04 - You're Mine Now - 1:19

05 - The Road to Darkness - 0:52

06 - The End Is the Beginning (End Titles) - 1:06

07 - Consequence: The Doll Chronicles (Complete Film Audio) - 8:18

08 - iBoogie (Bonus Track) - 2:18

Purchase includes the following

1. Consequence: The Doll Chronicles (Original Soundtrack) Album includes 8 songs in 3 formats (there's a zip file for each format)

- FLAC (lossless) - 108.9 MB Zip File

- AAC (256 Kbps) - 49.3 MB Zip File

- MP3 (320 kbps) - 61.4 MB Zip File

2. CD Music Cover Art

3. CD Booklet in PDF Format - includes the album notes.

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Consequence: The Doll Chronicles (Original Soundtrack)

0 ratings
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