Paranoia: The Doll Chronicles (Original Soundtrack)

Franco Esteve
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is the original music soundtrack album recording for the short film, , which is part of Franco Esteve's series of short films. It's a horror themed film and album, which includes both the individual song parts and the final, complete audio. Here are the notes for the album:

I love creating all types of music which is why the process of creating music for film appeals so much to me. I get all types of inspiration from rock, jazz, classical, film scores, etc. In the process of creating music for my silent films, I often find myself exploring all these different styles and genres, improvising, looking at different forms and creating different sounds. Sometimes those sessions inspire the final compositions used in the films, and other times they remain ideas or fun improvisations, some of which

I may or may not share with the world. But in the case of film, there's a lot more to the musical compositions, songs, or ideas, there's also the sound and that final blending of sounds that make up that final score used in the film.

Paranoia: The Doll Chronicles (Original Soundtrack) includes all the parts and the final, complete film audio, so you can enjoy both the film and the full audio as a singular

work of art. Enjoy! :)

The preview pane above includes an embed for the short film, so you can listen to the full album by watching the film, or you can read more information about the album and listen to the songs individually (or watch the film) on the Franco Esteve website here:

Genre: Soundtrack

Track list

1. Dark Theater (The Doll Chronicles Theme) - 0:35

2. Reading a Scary Book - 0:53

3. Paranoia - 02:16

4. Atmosphere - 0:52

5. Should I kill myself? - 0:53

6. Hanging - 0:53

7. Paranoia: The Doll Chronicles (Complete Film Audio) - 8:00

Purchase includes the following

1. Paranoia: The Doll Chronicles (Original Soundtrack) Album includes 7 songs in 3 formats (there's a zip file for each format):

  • FLAC (lossless) - 108.9 MB Zip File
  • AAC (256 Kbps) - 49.3 MB Zip File
  • MP3 (320 kbps) - 61.4 MB Zip File

2. CD Music Cover Art

3. CD Booklet in PDF Format - includes the album notes.

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Paranoia: The Doll Chronicles (Original Soundtrack)

0 ratings
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