The Hunt's Reprise - Sheet Music Score

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About the music

The Hunt's Reprise is the last track in my modern, contemporary classical crossover, concept album, The Hunt. The Hunt is the hunt of life, hunting for health, for life, for happiness, for love, for ideas, for creativity, for success. The Hunt's Reprise encompasses the album, touching on a lot of the themes and motifs not just as a reprise, but as its own entity, becoming a complete musical journey and story in itself.

From the album booklet:

"The journey is complete, and though I've not
come out unscathed, it was nothing if not
fruitful. The losses are accounted for and
honored. The wins recorded and celebrated.
The bounty savored, shared, and enjoyed.
Looking back, I realize the joy in both the
good and the bad, in the happiness and the
suffering, and through it all, there was the
huntress to lead me and give me strength, to
inspire me to go on and reach this end.
But the end is the beginning and the beginning
is the end, so the time is now to celebrate,
to laugh, to love, to rest. (3:21)."

  • The music is 3 minutes and 21 seconds

About the Score

The Hunt's Reprise is music for orchestra or for a specific group of players. It's fun, expressive, dramatic, and cheery, encompassing an entire story within the piece, and allowing many of the instruments complex expressions of their own. The piece includes violins, cellos, trumpet, crash cymbals, timpani, and gong, but I can imagine it can work adapted in a number of ways by different groups or a very advanced group of students. It'll be fun to hear how others interpret it.

Music included

In the package, I've included the music score with each of the individual parts and the original published song as an HQ MP3 (320 kbps), so players can get a feel for my intentions when composing it. (You can listen to a preview in the preview pane above)

Composer: Franco Esteve

Instruments: Violins, Cellos, Trumpet, Crash Cymbals, Timpani, Gong

Format: Score & Set of Parts in PDF

Genres: Contemporary Classical, Modern Classical, Classical Crossover, Movies, TV, 21st Century

Level: Advanced

The Package includes

1. PDF with the Score

  • The full score

  • All the individual parts as written (Violin, Violins I, Cellos I, Cellos II, Trumpet Section in Bb, Crash Cymbals, Timpani, Gong)

2. The Hunt's Reprise - single song in MP3 HQ (320 kbps) format.

3. The Hunt album - CD Cover image.

Please Note: You are only licensed to use this product as an individual purchasing the product. You are not allowed to distribute the files to others or print individual copies of the PDF for others to use.

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Thank you for your interest in my music. I hope y’all enjoy playing it as much as I did composing it.

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The Hunt's Reprise - Sheet Music Score

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