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Contagion is a moment, an interruption, signifying an expression of feelings and music inspired by the Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic. It's a contemporary classical life soundtrack, serving as a soundtrack to the contagion, to its spread, to its mystery, its attack on the body, to our losses during the Covid-19 pandemic and to our future beyond them. It's my way of expressing that, both beautifully and tragically through classical, orchestral music, and in a song format.

Album Notes

Contagion is really an unlikely expression, an interruption that expresses a moment and all sorts of feelings, a lifetrack, providing a soundtrack to everything we're experiencing throughout the Covid-19 pandemic –before, during, and beyond. It's a musical story and journey written through the coronavirus quarantine and reflects my feelings and state of mind through it.

As I was working on a soundtrack and the news began to be consumed by what was first an epidemic and then a pandemic, it became difficult to continue working on the project, as a piece of music kept interrupting my workflow, making it difficult for me to write what I wanted to write. That piece of music ended up as the title track, Contagion. As illness, fear, a mysterious virus, a contagion took over the planet, it was that expression, that story that emerged.

I decided to give in to it and get it out, and this album, Contagion, this story, this "soundtrack" to our lives or "lifetrack", is the result. During the process I lost a couple of people close to me, which was difficult, especially during the quarantine in Spain, but I focused it on laying this music out quickly, so that I could release it for y'all's enjoyment and y'all's own personal release.

There's a contagion, a mystery, a horror, easily spread, and death, but Death Is Not the End. While we may find illness and death surrounds us, there's also hope within the sadness, a light, a life, a future. Life is sometimes simple and sometimes complex, but we must savor every moment, love ourselves and each other. We're all in this together. Enjoy! :)

Here's what reviewers have said of Contagion:

“Notwithstanding the fact that this work comes from a dark, disturbed and frustrating place, it has an astonishing, subtle, hypnotic beauty that remains revelatory after countless listens.” –
“an album soaked in a tinge of devastating darkness and depth…the virus has come to stay, but so has Esteve’s music… We accept this new electronic requiem, for the new times that await us and we celebrate his music…”–

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“Esteve has composed a glistening tune that is simultaneously diaphanous and sensitive, yet emancipated and emotive.” – Huffington Post review of The Wait, single from the modern, classical music album, The Hunt.


"Franco Esteve has managed to impress with a brief piece that exudes diverse emotions which are contagious. To say his music his cinematic is all too obvious and Esteve’s ability to create simple and emotive musical narratives is a rare gift to be admired. To do it in two minutes is something to behold." - Jamsphere Review of Quicksand, single from the modern, classical music album, The Hunt.

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Genre: Modern Classical / Contemporary Classical / Classical / Lifetrack

Release date: May 14, 2020

Track list

1. Contagion

2. The Spread

3. Patient Zero

4. Infected

5. Death Is Not the End

6. Death Is Not the End (Bonus Cello Only Version)

Purchase includes the following

1. Contagion Music Album includes 6 songs in 3 formats (there's a zip file for each format):

FLAC (lossless) - 66.4 MB Zip File

AAC (256 Kbps) - 31.3 MB Zip File

MP3 (320 kbps) - 36.5 MB Zip File

2. Album Cover Art

3. Booklet in Digital PDF Format - includes the album notes and is the same booklet included with the physical CD.

℗2020 © Franco Esteve. All rights reserved.

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Contagion, contemporary classical pandemic life soundtrack in FLAC, MP3, AAC, CD Booklet, and Album Cover Art

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Contagion | Music Album

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