Enter the Huntress - Cello Solo Sheet Music Score

Franco Esteve
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About the music

Enter the Huntress is the third track in my modern, classical crossover, concept album, The Hunt. The Hunt is the hunt of life, hunting for health, for life, for happiness, for love, for ideas, for creativity, for success. This song represents the guide, the power to continue, the inspiration, the muse, the feminine, the strength, the rock. It's a powerful, solo cello piece meant to evoke and express the power of the huntress, who's here to drive us through the hunt of life.

From the album booklet:

"A focus I would need to be able to my mind feed,
so as to live this voyage. But where to find this muse,
this creation, this fountain of energy to power
the world? Enter the huntress, the power of the feminine,
of birth and death, of war and peace. She is the
beginning and the end, the hunt, the strength,
the seer. No righteous hand should fear her wrath,
but beware the rest (1:22)."

About the Score

Enter the Huntress is music for solo cello. It's an extremely advanced, expressive and powerful piece of music that combines techniques in rapid succession, but also allows the player to interpret it as they feel it. I can imagine it could work for very advanced students, even if some minor adjustments must be made in their interpretation. It'll be fun to hear how others interpret it.

Music included

In the package, I've included Caro Teruel's interpretation of the music, which includes the alternate, rock-style ending, instead of the original pizzicato, along with the original, published song, so players can get a feel for my intentions when composing it. (You can listen to previews of both in the preview pane above)

: Franco Esteve

: Cello Solo

: Cello Solo Score in PDF

: Contemporary Classical, Modern Classical, Classical Crossover, Movies, TV, 21st Century

: Advanced

The Package includes

1. PDF with the Score

2. Enter the Huntress - music single in MP3 HQ (320 kbps) format.

3. Enter the Huntress (alternate featuring Caro Teruel) - music single in MP3 HQ (320 kbps) format.

3. The Hunt album - CD Cover image.

Find out more about this song and the album on The Hunt's page on my website here: https://www.francoesteve.com/music/the-hunt-classical-music-album/

Thank you for your interest in my music. I hope y’all enjoy playing it as much as I did composing it.

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Thank you again and enjoy! :)

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Enter the Huntress - Cello Solo Sheet Music Score

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